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Global Recording Artiste

Fete King MaddZart is a Multifaceted International Award Winning Soca Entertainer & Icon, a prolific and unstoppable songwriter, entertainer & producer who came onto the scene with a bang as a young Vincentian Dancehall King. Noted for his diversity, onstage energy, incredible lyrical ability and acclaimed for his collaboration on the hit song “Turn Me On” by Kevin Lyttle.

Born in the village of Fountain on the enchanting island of St Vincent, surrounded by a rich cultural heritage, music was always in MaddZart’s fibers. In addition to Fountain he lived in a variety of regions including Belair and Campden Park and was exposed to an array of musical styles. In his youth he began singing and repeated whatever he heard in his surroundings and on the radio. Singing for MaddZart wasn’t a conscious decision…it wasn’t a decision at all, he was just moved and compelled by it. For him it was just a natural part of his life.

His evolution manifested relatively quickly with his very first performances for his family, followed by performances at his school, youth rallies and various competitions. This led to him opening for Rita Marley at the esteemed Victoria Park in 1996 and later for Joseph Hill lead singer and songwriter for the roots reggae group ‘Culture’, among others. MaddZart is passionate about equal rights, fairness and justice but significantly he values honesty,

which is demonstrated in how he conducts himself and even displayed in his musical endeavors. MaddZart has since performed at a plethora of events including Carnivals, competitions (notably the Soca Monarch Competition), private events and themed parties, clubs and festivals etc.  He is a repeat winner of the Raga Soca Competition, which is an integral part of the Vincentian Carnival. 2000 to 2003 MaddZart teamed up with the band Blaksand and in 2003 Blaksand reformed as HottSand led by Adrian Bailey. In 2005 HottSand disbanded and MaddZart became co-founder of HS Phaktor, later developing a backing band and still holding ownership of HS Phaktor. 2007 MaddZart developed his own band Madd Symphony that still to date shakes stages.

His songs are inspired by his own inner thinking and his music although maintaining the traditional roots of the Caribbean and Island style is infused with more modern flavors reaching a broad audience range.  Some of his notable credits (to name only a few) include Road March, Soca Monarch, Ragga Soca Monarch, Entertainer of the Year, Band Leader of the Madd Symphony and teaming up with international Soca artiste Kevin Lyttle to write and perform the original version of “Turn me on” a major hit song. MaddZart is now one of the selected artistes represented on Tarakon Records.

Awards have included, 2000: Soca Monarch 2nd, 2001: First Ever Raga Soca Winner, Soca Monarch 2nd, 2002: Soca Monarch 3rd, 2003: Soca Monarch Winner, Artiste of the year, Raga Soca 3rd, 2004: Soca Monarch 3rd, 2009: Raga Soca Winner, Calypso Song of the year, 2010: Road March Winner, Soca Monarch 3rd, Raga Soca 3rd, 2011: International Soca Award: Best Artiste.

MaddZarts New 2016 songs have step out of the bounds of Island style and his Caribbean Soca is infused with some rich African and Pop styles as well.  This must see dynamic powerhouse performer with his spirited stage persona captivates his audience as he rises from the stage and brings the crowd alive.  Most fans and friends recognize his work as an artiste connecting him to both his vocals and his music. And now have an opportunity to experience Fete King’s mind at work through his written words as he continues to add to his successful career as a recording artist, performer, producer, songwriter and now Author.


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